A 6 month exclusive group coaching experience for the Married Christian Millennial Couple who wants to communicate better,& overcome conflict successfully so that they can create peace in their marriage NOW.

The Marriage Incubator Experience

It's your turn to have PEACE in your marriage now!


Weekly-Engaging group sessions that will transform your mindset and the way you currently view yourself, your spouse, & your marriage.
With the guidance of an expert coach to help guide you into breakthroughs 

Get 1:1 help via our community Slack Channel as you go through the process. Submit coaching and questions 24/7 in our member portal and get individualized coaching, tailored specifically to you as often as you need, to overcome challenges and thrive in your marriage.

Guidance on the exact steps to create, manage and build your marriage in a healthy way without major blow-ups, disconnection, and lack of communication.

Video Library of Resources – instant tools and how-tos at the click of a button

Prayers and Meditations as well as a group marriage breakthrough fast to overcome habits that seem hard to break.

Whether it’s celebrating a win, wanting to connect, overcoming a challenge, or having your first breakthrough moment, our online community is the place to share. Dive into the support, experiences, celebrations, and encouragement found in the MIE Facebook community. 

Get early access to marriage retreats and in person events. 
You will also be able to get free access to any specialty workshops that are being hosted by Shivonne & her team throughout the duration of your 6 months in the Marriage Incubator Program.

Our 6 months together will include:

Interactive Workshop Experiences

Your Marriage Roadmap

Private Facebook Community

Early Access

Access To Course Library

Marital Challenges Support


It's time to get your best friend back and learn how to enjoy your marriage again

We're taking a deep dive into where your marriage is right now and what to do to break down the emotional barriers.

Together, we will explore your most desirable needs in this season of your marriage and build your marital vision.

Learning what it takes to put an end to negative thoughts and behavior that cause disconnection.

We are spending some time redefining what emotional intimacy means for you and how to cultivate that in this season.

Learn how to agree with your spouse and create peace, even when you do not agree with what your spouse is saying.

Here's What You'll Learn

Why Did I Get Married?

Restore To Reconnect

phase one

phase tw0

It's time to recommit to the vows you made when you got married.

Learn how to sustain the changes your marriage just embraced and thrive consistently.

We will improve how we approach your marriage in full. How you can adjust to this new season successfully without ever living in the past again.

The Vow Renewal

phase four

Now that you are not stuck in that same old conflict pattern and spending time disconnected it's time to strengthen your foundation.

We're going to understand how to support your spouse in their growth and the challenges that come along with change.

Together we will create rock solid boundaries to protect and preserve your marriage.

Redefining Partnership

phase Three


Communicate in a way that causes you to feel heard, seen, & understood.

How does this sound?

Identify the core issues in your marriage and overcome them with ease.



When you follow the Strategy outlined in this Mastermind consistently you will: 

Express yourself without it turning into an argument.


Create a space where you both feel valued, accepted and loved.


Repair & reconnect quickly with your spouse after a disagreement.


apply NOW

Creating consistent peace in your marriage

Honest self-evaluation & self acceptance

Effectively communicating with your spouse without the arguments

Deeper connection and emotional intimacy between you and your spouse

Creating a safe space in your marriage for you and your spouse to be heard, feel, & seen.

Working through conflict successfully instead of allowing them to create disconnection between you.

You're the perfect fit to apply if your want to master:


Sean has been more diligent in supporting me in expressing my feelings and I have been holding space for him to express his."

"The journey has been a gracious one. I'm resting in a sense of peace. This is just a trust God and believe season. Sean has been more diligent in supporting me in expressing my feelings and I have been holding space for him to express his." Christine ❤️

"Our marriage is growing day by day and we are working together pretty well. We are growing & change can be challenging but we’re breaking through and I'm grateful." Sean ❤️

Sean & Christine Allen

Reviews From Clients

"Even when I had no hope, you saved my marriage"

"Thank you Shivonne Davis
When I tell you, you are amazing ❤️and God has blessed you to help others with their marriage. I am very thankful for you, I can’t thank you enough. You have saved my marriage in many ways I can’t thank you enough. Even when I had no hope, you saved our marriage. So thank you Shivonne. 
I’ve been great, me and my wife been awesome I just recently opened all the way up to her after we had a sit down open heart to heart talk and it’s been great !!! 

Ron & Myosi Storey

"Im happy with the growth I see in me and my wife" I actually love my marriage again"

Since attending the marriage incubator, I have been using the tools and now me and my wife communicate with all transparency and understanding. I was a person who didn't want to allow outside help in my marriage due to how I was raised, but you also assisted me with understanding that it's nothing wrong with having help. I feel that things are way more manageable in my marriage now. Im happy with the growth I see in me and my wife.  I actually love my marriage again. Just wanted to say thanks and I'm looking forward to my healthy marriage."

Jermaine & Yolanda McCollum

We used your tools and communicated in a healthy way and got through it. You literally saved us! God sent you to us right on time and because of you we're more connected than ever!

Bryon & Tasha Lindsey


"I feel emotionally liberated now that I have clarity and a better understanding of how to create vulnerability and emotional intimacy with my wife"❤️ 

Rodney & Isabelle Jean- Baptiste


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